Benefits Of Keto Diet - Keto Guide For Beginner {2020}

Keto Diet Benefits

Keto diet reduces weight in a few days – Benefits Of Keto Diet

Ketogenic (Keto) diet is very much in discussion these days. From celebrities to nutritionists, everyone talks about it and also recommends this diet to lose weight. (keto diet for weight loss)

But the question arises that after all what is this diet that claims to lose weight in a few days? (what is this keto diet) Know, all the important things related to keto diet.

FAQs about Keto Diet (FAQ's)

1. What Is Keto Diet?

What is keto diet, is a low carb high-fat diet, which is low in carbohydrate and high in fat. Due to this, there is no lack of energy in the body even after dieting and weight remains under control(keto diet for weight loss). 

Its best thing is that the lack of carbohydrates in it increases the metabolism level of the body and the weight starts decreasing rapidly. This process is also called ketosis. 

In this, body fat is burnt throughout the day, and energy remains. Fat burning increases when the insulin level of the body falls. Weight loss occurs due to this diet, hunger also reduces because hunger is not realized due to energy retention.

2. High protein diet

This diet is also called an alert and focused diet as it has a target to lose weight in a few days. This includes cyclic ketogenic diet, the targeted ketogenic diet, standard ketogenic diet, and high protein ketogenic diet. 

Athletes and bodybuilders generally follow cyclical and targeted diets. The standard ketogenic diet is a low-carb, moderate protein, and high-fat diet. It contains 75 Fat, 20% Protein, and only 5% of Carbs.

What does a keto diet do?

What does a keto diet do

The keto diet is also like the rest of the diet, just keep the carb low and fat high in it. This diet is very beneficial for the body. (benefits of keto diet) It is better than all other diets.

Important Health Benefits Of Ketogenic Diet:

  • On a keto diet, the person’s body functions like a fat-burning machine, which burns fat throughout the day, and this continuously reduces the amount of insulin, which does not cause hunger.
  • Weakness is often felt by dieting but this is not the case with keto diet. It gives energy to the body while keeping your hunger under control.
  • The Keto diet not only controls weight but also reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes. Actually, the Keto Diet works to prevent diabetes by reducing the sugar levels in the body.
  • People following a keto diet to reduce the risk of heart attack because this diet reduces HDL cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and blood sugar.
  • People with a dangerous disease like Alzheimer’s can also follow a keto diet as this diet has the potential to reduce Alzheimer’s.
  • The Keto Diet also has the ability to fight epilepsy disease in young children. Children can also follow this diet.

There is intake of fat in the keto diet, which increases your energy as well as physical performance. Carbohydrates are usually collected in a person’s body, which gives energy only for a few hours, but the fat present in the body can give energy to the body for a week.

What to Eat in Keto Diet?

What to Eat in Keto Diet?

As we have already told you that a keto diet contains high amount of fat, so 60 to 80 per cent of calories in this diet are obtained from fat. 

In this diet, dieticians ask you to eat fruits and vegetables, which are low in carbohydrates and high in fat.

Keto Diet Plan Chart

Although keto diet plan is made according to the body, but we are telling you that keto diet plan, which is very easy to follow.

In the morning breakfast

Spinach, cucumber, tomato, cauliflower and mushroom vegetable can be prepared and eaten in the morning breakfast. Apart from this, you can also eat plain yogurt (which is not sweet). If you want to drink tea, black tea or less milk tea can also be taken.

In the day

You can eat rajma or gram lentils during the day. Due to the high amount of protein in pulses, the body gets nutrients. Vitamins and fibre are also available in lentils. Eating lentils also keeps the stomach full for a long time.

As snacks in the evening

If you feel hungry in the evening, you can take melon, papaya or kiwi. 

Keep in mind that if fruits are too sweet, do not eat them. Apart from this, you can drink a cup of milk but do not add sweet to it. 

Milk contains sugar naturally. Apart from this, almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, flax seeds, watermelon and melon seeds etc. can also be eaten.

Dinner at night

At dinner you can have mutton, fish, egg and chicken with it. They all contain high protein and fat content is also higher than other things.

Benefits of Keto Diet

Benefits of Keto Diet

Whenever it comes to diet, people often start eating low-calorie food but keto diet is quite different from that. Therefore, instead of a low-calorie diet, adopt a keto diet plan. 

There are many benefits (keto diet) and we are telling you about some of those benefits.

Strong Mental Health

These days people are very worried due to their mental health. The reason for this is unhealthy lifestyle and food. However, the keto diet not only strengthens mental strength but also gives energy to the brain. 

Together these two increase the concentration of your mind. By consuming more fatty acids, our brain becomes more active and full of energy.

In weight loss

With keto diet, the level of metabolism of the body starts to work more than before, due to which fat burns more and also provides energy. The special thing about this diet is that by consuming it, our body burns fat, which reduces the insulin level in the body.

To increase energy

Keto fills the diet body with energy. The keto diet gives our body a better source of energy, which makes you feel more energized during the day. This energy is made from the fat present in the body. Fat is used more and more in this process.

In the treatment of epilepsy

Keto diet has been successfully used in the treatment of epilepsy for the last few years. Nowadays, Keto diet is being recommended as a treatment to remove epilepsy in a child or person suffering from it. 

Its biggest advantage (benefits of keto diet) is that it costs less and is also effective in controlling epilepsy.

To control cholesterol

There is hardly anyone in today’s lifestyle who does not complain of cholesterol. But now there is no need to bother with it because its treatment has become easier with keto diet. 

Actually, keto diet helps in increasing the level of triglyceride and cholesterol. It has low carbohydrate content and high fat, which reduces cholesterol levels.

Stop insulin

Everyone knows that there is a possibility of developing type-2 diabetes due to insulin resistance. Low carbohydrate and ketogenic diets help reduce insulin levels and maintain health.

To get rid of acne

The effect of good eating is visible on your face and this thing becomes clear in keto diet plan. By taking a keto diet, your skin automatically improves and the skin glows. 

This removes the pimples and wrinkles present on the facial skin. Improvement in wound and skin inflammation is seen during a low carbohydrate diet.

Disadvantages of Keto Diet - Side Effects of Keto Diet

A doctor must be consulted before starting any new diet. In fact, sometimes there are some food items in the diet plan that do not suit you and it results in bad results. 

Generally, the keto diet plan is good for health but does not necessarily suit everyone.

Body cramps

Sometimes keto diet causes deficiency of some nutrients in the body, due to which the legs and body get cramps. This problem increases in the morning and evening hours. 

However, there is no need to panic. Lack of minerals and magnesium in the body can also cause this problem. So include more and more liquid foods and salt in your diet.

Constipation problem

Many times, starting any diet plan causes constipation problem because the body is not used to the kind of diet that you have started suddenly. Everyone knows that lack of water is the most common problem of constipation. 

Therefore, the simplest solution is to drink as much water as possible. If you also have constant constipation, then eat fiber and vegetables without starch. It gives relief from constipation.

Abnormal heartbeat

There are many changes in the body after going on diet because your food and drink starts showing its effect. So many times, your heartbeat becomes faster than before and the breathing also becomes troublesome. 

This is a normal thing, so don’t worry. If the beats are getting faster then drink more and more water and rest for a while. The keto diet has an immediate effect on the body.

So in such a situation, the problem may increase further.

Decreased physical ability

When you start taking a keto meal and change your entire diet from morning to night, there may be a decrease in your physical capacity. This is because your body uses fat as energy. 

If this is happening to you too, do not worry, your physical capacity will be the same in a few days.

4 Week Keto Diet Plan 

To lose weight, this is a four-week Indian keto diet plan, which has the fastest effect. You can follow it from 1 week to 4 weeks.

First week –

In the first week you can eat normal food. Such as a normal salad (spinach, capsicum, omelettes, mushrooms (fried in olive oil and butter), chicken, eggs and sometimes just vegetable and cheese can be taken in excess.

Second week 

In the second week, you can change your diet. Now you can eat things like coconut oil and cream or butter. A mixture of these three has to be eaten. It is usually difficult but it has to be done in this diet. Avoid sugar. Instead, use sugar-free.

3rd week –

Keto diet becomes difficult for you in the third week. The third week is called the fasting phase. In this, you have breakfast early in the morning and do not eat anything in the afternoon. In this way, you can have more fat foods at dinner after a 12-hour fast.

4th week –

The fourth week becomes more difficult than the third. In this week, you have to eat only at night. You can drink green tea and lemonade without sugar during fasting throughout the day. Also, drink more and more water. If you are finding it very difficult to fast, then you can repeat the diet plan for the third week.

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